Studio show weekend #1 Jun 7, 2014

by Eric Pitsenbarger

ilvs strauss is pregnant! She's suddenly so ready to pop I can hear the ocean. She's been volunteering at the Seattle aquarium and her days spent smacking back curious hands from squishing Sea Cucumbers has produced an unlikely manifestation. Red, thorny and bursting with sparkling prose, ilvs makes the third trimester a stylish examination of expectant personhood and of our ultimate connections.

Linda Austen is damn tired of the myth that age is a curse. She's living the life and playing hard with absurdist, perceptive bubble bursting. Origins of classic Dada sweated through the hot flash of menopause. Overtly silly and deadly serious. Don't fuck with the fan! I'm just sayin'.

Anna Conner + Co. affect enigmatic, athletic hieroglyphics to paint a mysterious maze of flirtatious and dangerous movement. 

When Sarah Rudinoff wakes up and plops her vagina in the toaster, wobbles through a daunting meditation practice and then projects her infinite "selfie", I'm an instant subscriber. 

Damnit we're so lucky!