a stream of reflections on the 2007 nw new works festival... Jun 16, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

mainstage weekend 1 erin jorgensen's cool, haunting, luminous almost apocalyptic lullaby takes the edges off and strikes a pure note in a personal yet shared landscape of memory... maika misumi movement troupe's vivid, poetic formalism invokes ancient ritual through the bodies of beautiful, painted dancers accompanied by bold, thundering percussion... deborah wolf's arc angle. ah. seriously hot dancing. a virtuosic kinetic volcano. lights a fire on a cellular level... implied violence's askew and irreverent tapestry of oddity, absurdity, profanity, humanity... studio weekend 2 liminal performance group's sincere, multi-sensory mash-up love song conscientiously and poetically swipes at histories of love on earth like a child with a butterfly net standing beneath a winged migration... paige barnes and the grizzlies wield a brave cut into real and imagined landscapes of intimacy... hand2mouth theatre goes hog wild in the heartland and everyone has way too much fun... helsinki syndrome presents a sweeping purple pageant punctuated with moments of absurd lucid hilarity... - heather raikes