The Stranger on Transition Oct 15, 2009

by Jessica

If you pick up a copy of the Stranger right now, here's how their short blurb for Transition reads:

Reggie Watts is a musician/comedian whose standup is more like verbal performance art - he makes imaginative leaps, invents languages and false histories, beat boxes, sings and speaks intelligent gibberish. Listening to him, you can feel new synapses hatching in your brain. Tommy smith is a wickedly smart and sometimes sardonic playwright who writes cutting scripts about sex, politics, and varieties of power. They both have an affection for goofy jokes, high concepts, A/V technology, and modern dance. When their brains rub up against one another, sparks fly up your nose and down your pants. - Brendan Kiley

ETA - here's a link to the post on Slog.