a spell binding reminder of an internal struggle Mar 28, 2014

by Anthony Sonnenberg

Its easy to forget sometimes that the self is not a single unified thing but rather a confederation of different identities. There is who we were, who we want to be, who we actually are, and who we think we should be, all vying for control within our heads. Who we are is never one consistent identity but rather a constantly and sometimes painful shifting, blurring, and blending amalgamation of  many. 

BeginAgain is a spell binding reminder of this internal struggle. A magical use of light, shadow and video projections against translucent veils and patterned screens make it almost impossible to distinguish the real from the illusion. The haunting movements of the dancers oscillates from synchronism to chaos, from gentle caress to aggressive blow so quickly that one is never sure who is in control and who is out of it.  Just like the in the mind, the mood of the dance can slowly grow and fade or abruptly start, stop and transition into  an entirely different emotion. It all starts out so strange, and then becomes increasingly familiar. 

Basically, zoe | juniper have succeeding in doing what all great artist aspire to do. They have create a beautiful work that reveals an intrinsic truth about ourselves and those aspects of humanity that unite us and Im glad they call this city home.