Spectacular Performances at NWNW Jun 14, 2015

by Reva Cappitone

I’m not a critic but it suddenly came over to me that I should write something about the show – another spectacular night at On the Boards! I have been a long time fan of this amazing venue, which is no doubt the treasure in our community that has brought us so much freshness and art, apart from the mainstream media. I try to attend at least one or two evenings at NWNW each year, and I’m glad I did! The arts I’ve got from the theatre was definitely, beyond what I can see in any other theatres in Seattle. I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen the show.


An aperitif has to be good! And this was the perfect beginning to open up an evening. The dancer walked slowly onto the stage, transforming the space into a live, visual picture. Her big rounded eyes filled with intense focus, perhaps anxiety or a desire to hunt. She bore the bones over her shoulders; they looked light for her. She walked step by step into the temple to offer her sacrifice. It was transformative – simple yet compelling, not too confusing as I could have something to focus on and slowly sank into my sphere of sensations, while embracing my gradual realization of the presence on the stage. I was brought into the woods, or was offered one-of-a-kind tour in the water with a camera , capturing images of this amazing creature. Who knows in fact, I was sitting in a theatre in a Saturday evening.


“Divine woman, you have the poison that fascinates in your look” – it pretty much summed up the piece and I need to add no more. The music was beautiful, and the performance of the four women hit straight in my heart. The biding ropes on their body were the rope that bound all of us; none could have escaped, not with any songs or with any costumes. After watching them, I know I need more music and dance in my life, because how hungry they made me feel. The flow of their movement was breathtaking, especially at the moment when the dancer in the front broke free from her chair and kicked it off to the side. She was privileged and was the only person who could break away from it. Not a second of elegance was left behind. This piece made my night.


Two steps to the front or three steps back – they were our decisions. We had made the decision to inhale the air and so this was how they became part of the expected consequences of the previous accidents. Still, they asked for money; it wasn’t a refusal. They came to a fair game. There was this softness about these young artists and in their thoughts. One could see the tension of the two ends of the definition – the ideal and the tragedy. They came as an exchangeable binary, but somehow both ended on either success or greatness, beauty or destruction. Many transitions in the piece were smoothly masked with skills.



I’m not an expert of dance but this piece had the most vibrant energy in the entire evening. Dancers walked and ran around on the stage with brief interactions in between their partnering and communication. There was street violence and a woman tried to describe the incidence from her memory, full of fear and emotional confusion. There was romance – between two humans. I was not sure what the intention of the piece was, but as an audience, it was an enjoyment to see the dancers/actors glow with such energy and passion, even when I didn’t know why and so their passion was maybe only my interpretation. At times they held hands, at times they came into the center from the scattered distances. The story was unclear to me but only once in a while an audience like me didn’t have to understand everything in a dance and could still enjoy so much.