Speak and Sing: The Practice of Everyday Living Mar 11, 2010

by Mike P

So I asked Eric Fredericksen, host of next week's Speak & Sing at On the Boards on St. Patrick's Day for any information he can divulge for what will happen or what we can do to prepare for his lecture. He sent me this link. And I was like, "Great, Eric. Now I have to read a book. Thanks a lot!" So instead of reading I do a google search. (Who's SMART now?) From Wikipedia:
The Practice of Everyday Life is a book by Michel de Certeau which examines the ways in which people individualise mass culture, altering things, from utilitarian objects to street plans to rituals, laws and language, in order to make them their own.
From Amazon:
Volume 2: Living & Cooking goes into "tactics of resistance and private practices that make living a subversive art" developing a social history of "making do" based on microhistories that move from the private sphere (of dwelling, cooking and homemaking) to the public (the experience of living in a neighbourhood).
Interesting, Mr. Fredericksen. Here is my Youtube response:

Join us at Speak & Sing next Wednesday. And it's my birthday, so it would be great to see you. Seating is limited, karaoke lovers... so call the BOX OFFICE NOW - Mike P