Societal Reset Sep 27, 2014

by Richard Lefebvre

Receiving encrypted information of a societal reset, discovering language like deciphering ancient paintings of spaceships on rocks carbon-dated to over a million years old. Pulling tools out of the ground which eventually is revealed for what it is: a swamp of indifference inhabited by simple single-cell entities that will eventually leave the swamp and grow legs and arms to masturbate and fight with each other. The final worshipping of false idols the god of distortion rises above all else, even though the signals emanate from the lower world, the underground where secrets have been long buried. They accept all as truth because it is if they say it is, they reveal themselves as fully integrated beings whose computers have become like blocky versions of first generation video racing games, their consiousness merges with computer chips become exponentially smaller through nanotube technology to the point of being manipulated on an atomic level, to have become god long ago and left remnants to be used by a future generation who worships analog technology as pure and vacuum tubes as components of the Arc.