Sleep/Kiss Sep 28, 2012

by Erin Pike

What made Gob Squad a lovely experience was the gentleness, the tenderness, the truly sweet quality of their work--  the same qualities present in how they treated audience members who were 'chosen' to intimately partake. It is rare to find strength in such soft qualities in experimental performance heavily reliant upon film. Nothing about Kitchen truly irked me or jarred me, nothing pissed me off or made me clench my ass tight from discomfort. The fim wasn't extraneous. It was just, the whole thing, well... lovely. I was relaxed and happy-- watching, knowing that they were right behind the screen-- the separation gave me permission to stare more blatantly, to inspect. It felt easy, smooth. Eventually, I played Sarah kissing (the real) Sarah. When the moment came, it seemed like a friend from times past, kissing because we were happy and we had all the time in the world, and god, why the hell not. How old are you? asked Real Sarah, right before it happened. 23, I said. Oh fuck, she said. It's okay, I said. It's legal. 

We started giggling and then it happened. 

And now still, it just seems normal and nice. The entire experience. Like a friendly, warm hug that you keep thinking about weeks after, just because it was so goddamn pleasant. Sometimes I underestimate pleasant. Sometimes we all underestimate the things that are simple, the moments that are lovely.