Sideways: A Review of A Great Hunger By Jessica Jobaris Mar 20, 2017

by Imani Sims

We compose ourselves 


Adjacent to intimacy.


Shudder white against

Authentic skin undone.


Humor covers honesty

In shades of


Tension chaotic bliss 

Found pleasure between 


Our own thighs.


I have never seen a vision of honest beauty quite like A Great Hunger. The production traverses a soundscape that provides a vivid backdrop for the chaos and truth that ensues.  As an observer, fourth row on the end, I experienced the production from the side, which often left my head tilting to the right and wondering just what was happening to me. 

In between clear relationship tension and a limited feminine presence, it seems the narrative followed the real experiences of the cast and aimed to shake feeling from the audience.  All too often, as I watched a really impactful moment of patriarchy infringing on the feminine presence, I heard laughter in the audience.

A Great Hunger is filled with moments that confront your gut reaction to respond.  Nudity forces the audience to examine the very human nature of the ensemble and identify with their difference.  Clothed masturbation caused individuals in the audience to cringe. You could feel the discomfort and curiosity—thick like conditioner—softening us up for the final moment of intimacy.


As the production draws to a close, the cast moves closer and closer to the audience.  Suddenly, the entire cast is climbing the arms of the chairs and literally crawling up the audience.  Not only are we forced to swallow the truth on stage, but we are forced to look another human in the eye and acknowledge their beauty and truth.