Shredder Orpheus - Steven Jesse Bernstein Oct 29, 2014

by Erin

It's nearly impossible to live in Seattle and not know about the "godfather of grunge," punk poet Steven Jesse Bernstein. The NW's answer to William Burroughs, Bernstein was an integral figure in the 90s Seattle scene. Poet, provacateur, performance artist, Bernstein is known for his unflinching poetry and unique style. The 90s were a fruitful time for genre crossing in Seattle, and Bernstein made the most of it -  opening for bands including Nirvana, Big Black, The U-Men, Soundgarden, and The Cows. His recordings on local label Sub Pop are legendary. 

Bernstein plays an integral role in Shredder Orpheus, and you can even see him on a skateboard. This 25th anniversary screening is dedicated to his memory.

Read more about Bernstein here and check out some of his work here.