Shredder Orpheus soundtrack on Light in the Attic records! Oct 30, 2014

by Erin

Friday night is not just a film screening - it's a record release party as well! We'll have vinyl copies on-hand of the amazing (completely remastered) Shredder Orpheus soundtrack, which has been re-released by Light in the Attic records

The soundtrack is a work of art in its own right, featuring local music geniuses including multi-instrumentalist Amy Denio and drummer Bill Rieflin (currently playing with REM and King Crimson). Director Robert McGinley explains it best on the BAM blog:

"I shot and produced a music video for the seminal Seattle band The Blackouts, when I first met Roland Barker, who played keyboards and sax. Members of the band went on to join Al Jourgensen to become the industrial rock band Ministry. When Roland finished his stint with Ministry, he began composing electronic pieces that were very trance inducing, and I grabbed him. We put together aShredder band for the film to execute the score consisting of Dennis Rea (guitar), Amy Denio (bass), and Bill Reiflin (drums; Roland's bandmate from the Black Outs/Ministry). It was a great collaboration working with Roland and an incredible group of musicians. Writing lyrics for "Worm Song" and watching Bill Reiflin play drums in the studio was icing on the cake. Other interesting musical influences include composer percussion artist David Van Tieghem (check out "Ear to the Ground") and the consummate percussion performance artist Z'ev. These two were inspirational to the development of percussion ambience built into the scenes and the sound score."