See Radiohole | <I>Fluke</I>. You will be happy you did. Jan 11, 2008

by Bret

For sheer spectacle, Fluke is the best show I've seen in a long time, at On the Boards or anywhere. Don't expect it to have much to do with Moby Dick -- it's just 75 minutes of inventive theatrics. If they're related to the novel, I doubt Melville would recognize his work. But enjoying the show requires no literary notes; it's all about ping-pong balls, Electric Light Orchestra, dollar bills, seafaring lingo, Chairman Mao, springboards, gale warnings, terrible puns, eyes upon eyes, and much, much more. It's full of the kind of sexiness that has nothing to do with physical beauty (though there's that, too), but springs from rampant creative energy. I could elaborate, but that would dilute the pleasure of seeing the show. I recommend sitting as close as possible, the front row if you can, for the full immersive experience -- I'm told people sitting further back were not as enthusiastic, but everyone in the front row was giddy. We got to throw ping-pong balls. Let Radiohole whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Literally. I don't know how they did that. They have some gadget, apparently. It's a great, unsettling effect. I have to get one, whatever it is. -- Bret Fetzer