Saturday morning Rouge emails May 5, 2012

by Jessica

Here's another sampling of what audiences have been writing about Rouge:

"Loved it, absolutely riveting. A phenomenal performance and the perfect blend of concept and theater arts. I'm still speechless and in awe of her disinhibited physicality." - anonymous

"guess I am still confused.  It was memorable.  There was definitely dramatic tension:  what will she pull out of her treasure box next?  Is she going to choke on red candy?  Will I have to do the Heimlich maneuver?  I wonder how this would change if she were asking the question in French?  will there ever be other lines?  What is she going to do next?  How can she top that? IS SHE GOING TO SET HERSELF ON FIRE??


Anyway, I go to OTB to see stuff that is thought provoking, and this show definitely fit the ticket.  Thank you for preventing boredom, and good luck to Julie Andree T." - Ellen L