Riz Rollins is the Seattle Elder Honoree Dec 7, 2020

by Alyssa Yeoman

We are SO excited to announce the Seattle Elder Honoree, Riz Rollins. Riz is a northwest icon and on-air host DJ at 90.3 KEXP. Join us in honoring Riz on December 12 at 7 pm at Taylor Mac's Holiday Sauce...Pandemic!

Read about Riz in his own words below: 

me, the most fortunate artist in the emerald city, the universe, kexp, et al, chose me 35+ years ago, to be a public servant, minister of music, and gifted me an open heart with matching ears to listen, a pair of shoulders to cry on, and a song for every occasion to dance to, to comfort and to heal. me a gift for whosoever needs or desires good company or consolation to unite, one nation under the groove(s)