Right the Fuck On, Sister (one for the scrapbook) Apr 5, 2013

by Tania Kupczak

1. In 1973, the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade.

2. Working the patriarchal system.

3. I am a huge fan of the two previous plays that I've seen. YJL is one of the smartest, most direct playwrights I've ever encountered. The fact that she makes work about her biggest nightmares speaks to her intellectual chops as well as her fearless self-awareness. I was very excited to see this latest work.

4. I'm calling this a dance piece. But I guess in these post-post-modern times you can call it theater too. In this case, there are bodies in constant motion and no spoken text, so I can't help but see it as an exercise in modern dance rhetoric. In a really good way.

5. When I was in grad school, we were never supposed to include titles on the labels with our artwork. The idea was to strip some of the pretention away, as well as force your audience to create their own context based on what they saw, not what they thought they should see.

6. So here's the context. Those of us who identify as feminists came to the show with our critical lenses polished. What kind of feminism were we going to encounter? Would we cringe or be challenged or throw our fists up in solidarity? Yes, that.

7. The vaguest of words used to describe being allowed to watch people do stuff. The sound design was incredible, pushing me through many different iterations of what I consider a "show," down to the satisfying ensemble finale.

8. The 126th anniversary of the first female mayor being elected in the U.S.: Susanna M. Salter of Argonia, Kansas.

9. Cultural hegemony, but who cares. Show up as directed and you will have your feminist parts blown. In a really good way.