Richard Maxwell's Theater For Beginners Feb 9, 2015

by Erin

"Around each audition, rehearsal or performance there is an expectation. There is pressure for a display of talent, or 'rightness.' What will you show? How shall you behave, given that that behavior will likely be repeated?

I offer my two cents from the vantage of a person watching, empathically.

I should think years of experience would have led me to rely on bankable, consisten truths, but as I swing my way through life and career, cutting off Hydra's heads, the reasons to doubt what I have learned seem to multiply.

That's to be expected, I suppose, when you work between the two vying realms in theater, that of the stage and that of the room.
But in the face of uncertainty, what I've found is you can always return to the brass tacks."

Richard Maxwell gets down to essentials in Theater For Beginners. Learn more about his aesthetic, philosophy, and down-to-earth tips for actors – from warming up to building a set to reasons for being – in this new book. Available now via TCG and Amazon.