Revisiting Daylight (Seattle) Mar 3, 2011

by Jessica

When Sarah Michelson first came to OtB in 2005 she redesigned both the exterior and interior of On the Boards and brought in a slew of community dancers to fill all of our spaces, from the parking lot across the street to the admin offices. Before we open Devotion, take a peek at these photos to get a sense of how she transformed OtB the first time:

No space was left untouched by her white paint and stencils, as seen in this shot of the OtB staircase and lobby windows.

Daylight (Seattle) began well before audiences walked into the theater, with performers located all around OtB, including by the box office, in the admin offices (look for the silhouettes in the 3rd floor windows) and in the lobby.

As audiences moved through the voms they encountered community performers and glimpses of Sarah's stark lilghting design.

The audience was seated on the stage for Daylight (Seattle) in these custom built bleachers. Performers were located everywhere, including in the usual blue seats, the shop and right behind the bleachers. Out of the picture frame to the right was a live band hidden from the audience that played an 8 minute rendition of "Baker Street." Audiences in Seattle left their seats to explore the whole venue, seeking out the performers in every nook around the stage.

The actual stage in front of the bleachers was only a narrow 15ft that the 4 NYC dancers inhabited for the performance.

[All photos by Keri Kellerman]