Reviews of Songs of Wars I Have Seen Mar 10, 2010

by Jessica

Here's what some local publications are saying about the past weekend at OtB:

"Songs of Wars I Have Seen is defined by tension. Stein's deceptively colloquial prose is a slick surface hiding rugged, polyphonic topography, while Goebbels's composition bobs and weaves between almost pastoral peace and brooding, martial passages. (In its dramatic structure, Songs of Wars I Have Seen is also reminiscent of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.) Together, the two evoked life's lurching shifts in focus from the domestic—sugar, honey—to the noisy clash of nations. It was marvelous." - The Stranger

"Heiner Goebbels is a well-known European avant-garde composer whose works have rarely been performed in the U.S. This is too bad, if Song of Wars I Have Seen, a stunning hour-long chamber work, is representative." - CrossCut

"Seattle has struggled to create an identity as a major, American city for as long as I have lived here. Each time, it seemed poised to break out, the provincial mindset, which has long dominated the city’s culture, reasserted itself. For 72 hours last weekend, Seattle’s music and performance finally broke loose, bringing us Heiner Goebbels’ Songs of Wars I Have  Seen, a music and theater piece based on Getrude Stein’s writings." - Gathering Note