Reviews of L'Effet de Serge Apr 12, 2011

by Jessica

Here's what's been said about L'Effet de Serge in other cities so far:

" of the most poignant theatrical works I've witnessed. Though there's almost nothing in it that Aristotle and his ilk would recognize as a play, L'Effet de Serge somehow communicates the essence of theater itself." - Village Voice

"A delicate balance" - Twin Cities Daily Planet

"This is one of the most French pieces of theatre ever created. Even if Ionesco wrote a play about a singing nun miming baguette making while sipping coffee and smoking unfiltered Gitanes while Briget Bardot parkours over Godard while he eats an orlean to protest the minimum wage allotted the unemployed it wouldn’t come close to achieving the aloof sublime of L’Effet de Serge." - AndrewAndrew

"If it were possible to pet a piece of experimental theater, that’s what you would want to do to “L’Effet de Serge,” a French poodle of a show..." - New York Times