Reviews for Grub are rolling in! Feb 13, 2009

by Jessica

"It's dynamic and creative and funny (someone in the audience yelled at the rest of the crowd for being afraid to laugh) and definitely worth seeing." - Seattlest "There's stomping and grunting, laughing and muttering, grimacing and thumbsucking, videography (including blue-screen trickery) and snapshot-taking (or the parody thereof), jitters and quivers, lip-licking and teeth-gnashing." - Seattle Times "When the improvisational-based troupe (2 men, 4 women) relax they boast a child’s happy sense of the absurd." - Seattle Met Mag's Out Post "The company brought both wit and terror to the stage, along with live-feed cameras, straight-jacket costumes right out of Tim Burton's The Night Before Christmas, and a gorgeous sound track." - Seattle Magazine You can also read a review from artdish posted below...