Review of Winners and Losers Apr 24, 2014

by Ryan Law

Leaving I am only mildly, politely concerned about how much of this is scripted. I muse in the lobby about ‘what does the second night look like?’ Are we talking an outline, full on script, or what?

But to be honest I don’t care. 

What I care about is mankind's favorite topic, the self. This relationship, is one I have.  It is one you have. It is frustrating and magnetizing for all the same reasons. 

These relationships are our opposite. We sit in so many ways opposed to each other. Yet in this dynamic we come back to the space we share. Life, love, stress, and setbacks. 

It doesn’t matter what triggers your experience of loss, success, or shame. It doesn’t matter because your emotional capacity is not any different from anyone else. You may or may not use your full capacity, but you have it.

Yes my relationship with my family is complicated. Yes my relationship with money is complicated. Yes my relationships are all so complicated.

We are judging, constantly. Maybe it is more polite to say discerning. 

We all make a choice about everything. For me ‘this’ is better than ‘that’. ‘That’ truth is yours to have. I don’t want to deny you that, but whatever ‘it’ is I have my opinions about which way is better.    

Proposition 1 was defeated. This is news.

It is not news that Russell Wilson is getting a divorce. 


It doesn’t matter either way though. Because, here, when we leave this conversation you will still be rich. Or at least the same people will be rich as when we started. The rest of us will be waiting for mass transit.