Review Roundup: zoe|juniper's A Crack in Everything Dec 5, 2011

by Jessica

Here's a roundup of the great reviews from this past weekend's performances of A Crack in Everything:

"...may be the most impressive dance/sound/visual spectacle to come from a Seattle creative troupe this year." - Seattle Times

"I’ve had the relative luxury of digesting the proceedings for a few days, and I can tell you that the complexity doesn’t go away; there’s the idea of examining the “liminal space between action-reaction, cause-effect, and before-after,” and talk of “framing,” but that doesn’t prepare you for your response to the dancer with a red string in her teeth, the extraordinary score from Greg Haines (and sound design by Matt Starritt), or the blasts of light that reset scenes like a circuit breaker." - The SunBreak

"...a contemporary sort of Gesamtkunstwerk..." - Seattlest

"Imprinting in Space and Time" - Seattle Dances

"...they have surpassed all previous efforts at pulling us into an alternate universe and holding us there in rapt attention..." - Seattle PI

"Juniper Shuey and Lighting Designer Robert Aguilar have conjured a stage world that blurred the borders between the tangible and the dream, between live dancers and video projections, between human and other-worldly. " - Artdish

"A flurry of provocative dance engages both eyes and minds" - Crosscut

"...fusing impeccable performance and design into a philosophical feast for the senses." - City Arts