A review of a preview from our friends to the north Dec 4, 2008

by Jessica

Theatre Replacement just forwarded us some great comments they received about a sneak preview of That Night Follows Day that recently took place in Vancouver BC. We're excited to hear about this - partially because this performance represents a new venture for us as co-producers. And also because of the reaction it provoked. From Plank Magazine:
Each line opened into the theatre like a revelatory bloom of unexpected meaning. I felt like I’d never heard the words before. I felt like a prophet receiving the truth from a winged agent of God. Ecstatic and giddy, I fastened my attention to every syllable. I was on fire again — for the art of theatre and how it can re-invent the word and the world.
Read more about the reviewer's thoughts on That Night Follows Day  and Vancouver BC's PuSH Festival here. More info on the show happening in Seattle here.