Reggie Wilson: The Tale Review <font size=2>by Josh Reisberg</font> Apr 13, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

I went to see The Tale: Npinpee Nckutchie and the Tail of the Golden Dek. What's that you ask? It is Reggie Wilson/ Fist and Heel Performance Group's production presented by On the Boards. The show is running April 12-14th. I highly recommend it. As I walked into the auditorium I was already feeling good, but the metallic glittering streamers that were shimmering blue and purple made me feel even better. By the way I'm color blind so you can't trust me on the colors. But it looked like a funky disco was about to happen. The dancers came out and were dressed only in black. The piece was the choreographer's vision of the connection popular urban dancing and other African-American dance forms had to African music and dance. Well, mission accomplished. The dancers flowed seemlessly and sometimes switched intensely from stlyle to style. And they covered all gamets. They danced expressively to old African-slave songs all the way to new school crunk music, and it was all connected. It was a living and exciting history of dance and music. There was also dancing and music that was Caribbean like. There was soul, funk, attitude, smoothness, and sensuality. There was dancing to blues. There was stepping. Stepping is a smooth style of dancing one can do with a partner. It emphasizes footwork. Imagine a pimp and a ballerina mashing styles. There was stomping. There was jazz dancing. It was all there. And it was all one. The performers also had rich voices. Singing by the performers was just as powerful and important as the dancing. African Hymns, gospel tunes, and other genres were all incorporated. Even how the dancers were clapping was powerful. All the music was moving. There was lots of deep emotion that I could feel from the performance. I felt it all that night, from sorrow to hope. I loved it. There were times when I had to fight my body back from jumping up and dancing. It was a pleasure to see the performers dancing to good music. The music had me moving in my seat. When it was over I wanted more. The hour long performance felt like ten minutes. I was that into the dancing and music. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.