Reggie Wilson - I said: "My cat would love it" <font size=2>by Ines Andrade</font> Apr 13, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

Would have been love at first sight for my cat: shimmery shiny sparkly curtains all over the stage, Disco music and bodies rolling on the floor. Please be reassured, the performance was highly enjoyable for humans as well. This was a stress free experience, that made the audience wanting to dance and join. Just that, is cool in itself. At the edge of corkiness, it almost started as a dance history documentary, with lots of humorous moments. The mix of poor choreography and fascinating moves did not really do it for me. It seems the emphasis on pedestrian moves and electric slides hit the repeat button suddenly. A bit of cut and paste work and "let's throw this in now" made the material a bit cheesy. The refreshing side to this? :no self consciousness, just a look at normal, loving people grooving on stage... The simplicity and genuine invitation to dance was extremely touching and the audience felt embraced to learn the dance patterns, and try them in their living room after the show. A memorable couple of pieces, where traditional chants where incorporated where so amazingly strong and beautiful, that I would have gone through the electric slides again just to see and hear these again: The women's duet, surely although the individuality of talents really transcended in the moment the performers "spoke" from the heart and responded to body percussions and intense vocals. You'll want to dance after this...Guaranteed.