Refreshingly Humiliating May 17, 2013

by Richard Lefebvre

This show was dark from the beginning, the cast members were spit upon and sent out into a field of dead plants. Like a disclaimer, these people began the show as damaged, soiled or disgraced. The field actually looked like more fun than the front where that dick was spitting on everyone. It was a pretty gorgeous show  everyone was really attractive. I had only heard of St Genet but I was expecting nudity or sexual situations. This was about humiliation and degradation which certainly made the subject more interesting. It took a long time to clean the stage and the aftermath was a white powder over everything like cement dust. The dancing was really beautiful but the debasement of the guy with the gold paint was powerful. I thought it was belaboring the point somewhat but the performance was bad ass. The set design in this is crazy cool it reminds me of the backdrop for Judas Priest. Sexual situations with impossibly attractive women are predictable and boring generally so it was refreshing to have suicide and shame driving a story where nobody learns anything about themselves. I really enjoyed this.