Reflections on Water Will (in Melody) | Part I Sep 23, 2019

A response to Water Will (in Melody) by Makenna Fojas (Sept 19-22, 2019)

Water Will (in Melody) was a spectacle of the human body and its shape. It was a thrilling show that kept me in a tense state that began from the moment I walked in the theater, welcomed by a canopy of fog and dusky lights. The atmosphere suggested an immersive and unsettling experience ahead. The faint smells wafting through the air added an additional element of wonder. It felt very dystopian. As it began, it became clear that in no way was this show going to spell anything out for the audience. It was all on us to put the pieces together. I started to be hesitant that the heart of the story would be too abstract for me to understand. As it went on I kept asking questions. There was constantly reeling in my mind. It was challenging to be in a state of confusion for so long but also very rewarding. It was a mental exercise and when it was over I really had to give myself a moment to understand the work.

I very much enjoyed the piece. The women were brilliant and their abilities as dancers pleased me more than the content of the story itself. These four women were set on the task of telling a grim tale. They committed to their characters as if it was their only life line. Full of nostalgia, pain, and chaos, they sold me on their message. Even though some of the story was lost on me, it was okay because I understood their actions were so meticulous and deliberate that it was all for a greater purpose. It was astonishing to see how they moved together and apart. An absolutely brilliant dance piece and I felt privileged to see the work. I highly recommend seeing this unorthodox show. I have never been exposed to this type of art before this show but I am happy this world opened up to me. Go with an open mind and you will not be disappointed.

Makenna Fojas is a student at the University of Washington