Redemption - An Honor For Any Audiophile Jan 27, 2012

by Ivory


Redemption is a mythical space.  A bath from a different century, some stone steps and mist rising.  I walk into the pool, there are steps that continue down under the water.  Erin invited me here.  Under the water is a beautiful world of sound and light. This isn’t what the set looked like, it’s what it sounded like.  
This is a piece I’ve been waiting for for a along time, I thought I would have to wait another 10 years, I thought maybe I would create it, but couldn’t fathom how.  
Redemption is a masterpiece of sound.  It envelopes in quadraphonic sound.  Listening to the work of Steve Fiske in this setting is an honor for any audiophile.  
Redemption is a masterpiece of light.  Just seeing the set up is a marvel.  
Erin’s has transcended as a performer, composer, word-smith, force of something greater.  The minimalist aesthetic woven with intelligent beautiful melodies, lyrics and artful arrangements.  
As a musician on the fringes of the OTB world, I fear that not all of the audiophiles and musicians that need to see this piece will get the opportunity.   I also fear that the complexity and mastery of the music and sound will be lost on the regular OTB audience.  I hope I am wrong on both accounts.  ~Ivory Smith