radiohole FLUKE Jan 11, 2008

by Tania Kupczak

If Guy Maddin were to become obsessed with Moby Dick and create a live theater piece, it might look something like Fluke, now showing at On the Boards. This is one show you will WISH you sat in the front row for, as total immersion is the only way to go. Get ready for a weather report whispering figurehead, a bearded fellow screaming intermittently from a live video feed, a man fishing with a very long rod, enchanting little row boats and general mayhem on the theme of the sperm whale. Nothing, however, not even the photo that has been much used in OtB material, and indeed, appears on the front of the program, will prepare you for the genius move that happens with eyes at about the half way mark in the show, forcing the performers to continue the rest of the piece with closed eyes ”¦ sort of. If you’re looking for such things as  “characters ” or  “narrative ”, you are swimming in the wrong ocean, my friend. But if you prefer your Moby dissected, blended and wound up to sing like little fishes, you have found Nirvana. - SJ Chiro