Proaction Apr 20, 2015

by Rachael Ferguson

I attended Beware of the Dandelions this past Thursday evening and I will make sure that I attend another show before it ends. The piece done by Complex Movementsdynamically links art and social activism. The journey of Beware of the Dandelions engages the audience in dialogue and helps them address the core challenges within their communities. It's something to think about how creativity and innovation are birthed from the most harrowing circumstances. In this case- the decline of the once mighty Motor City, Detroit, and how it's citizens must fight for the right of water.

The allegory that was constructed by Complex Movements - musically, performatively and physically acts as a warning to those who wander the streets with rose colored glasses. Convenience and classism (and more "isms" intersectionally) have created a damaged and biased system. But from my observation the tale is true and not science fiction. It's happening. And now this is our chance to come together and do something about it.