Previews | tEEth and Jan Fabre Jan 17, 2009

by Jessica

In the past 2 weeks there have been 2 videos that I haven't been able to stop watching (to the chagrin of my office mates, I'm sure). One is by Portland's daring and dark company tEEth and the other by the Belgian performance titan, Jan Fabre.

tEEth's video
is a promo for their last piece Normal and Happy, which actually came to OtB during the 2007 NW New Works Festival. Its eerily beautiful and contains teasers of their idiosyncratic dance, tripped out video and original music. T

he other video is a preview from Jan Fabre  made from behind-the-scenes footage of Orgy of Tolerance workhops. Receiving this snippet of footage has officially kicked off the countdown to Fabre's arrival in Seattle.

More information on tEEth and Jan Fabre can be found on their performance pages.