Previews of Heaven Apr 1, 2010

by Jessica

Here's what people are daying about Heaven as we get ready for opening night:
"Her dancers, dressed in white (are they culty or angelic?), move in two modes—slow/meditative and violent/ecstatic—and will do some singing. Low members Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker will do some dancing. Prepare to be mesmerized." - Stranger's Line Out

"haunting minimalist tunes and... intense choreography" - DailyCandy

"...building to an ecstatic pitch." - Seattle Weekly

"Every now and then a song comes out of nowhere that makes you stop in your tracks and ask, "What is that?" That was my reaction eight years ago when I first heard Low's '(That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace.' [...] For that one track alone I bought the band's 2002 CD "Trust" on the spot." - Seattle Times