Press reviews (and new previews) of Gloria's Cause Dec 3, 2010

by Jessica

A couple previews of Gloria's Cause have come out recently:

"Behind the Scenes at Hanson's Revolution" - Seattle Dances

"From ‘Hot Mess’ to Hot Damn: The Making of Gloria’s Cause" - Seattle Met

And the reviews are beginning to roll in as well:

"Dayna Hanson's Gloria's Cause is revolutionary theater...with a rockin' beat." - Seattle Gay Scene

"hilarity>confusion>ridiculousness>meaning>hilarity" - Teen Tix

"Gloria's Cause at On the Boards: Yankee Doodle Deconstructed" - The SunBreak

"A wayward path through American Revolutionary lore" - Seattle Times

"Dayna Hanson loses her way through American History" - Feet First

"History Art: Gloria's Cause at On the Boards" - The Stranger

"Dayna Hanson at On the Boards - Dec 2" - Art Dish