Powerful People – Luke George Mar 4, 2014

by Erin

Luke George is a Melbourne based dance artist who grew up in Tasmania and currently finds himself working a lot in New York City. His first encounter with dance was through performing, choreographing and improvisation, which continues to be the backbone of his work. George is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts. His practice as performer, choreographer and collaborator has taken him throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

George has collaborated and performed in works by Phillip Adams BalletLab, Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People (NYC),  Jo Lloyd, Gideon Obarzanek/Chunky Move, K.J. Holmes (NYC), Stephanie Lake, Frances d’Ath, Shelley Lasica, Jerril Rechter, ITOH Kim (Tokyo), Neal Medlyn (NYC) and Deborah Hay (solo performance project).

Read more at his website.