Powerful People – K.J. Holmes Feb 26, 2014

by Erin

Dance artist, actor, singer, educator and master improvisor K.J. Holmes is a powerful force in the NYC performance scene. K.J. has been instrumental in developing methods of inquiry into performance, the body and the mind through her experience with BMC (r), Ideokinesis (with Andre Bernard), Contact/Improvisations and Release techniques. She is a certified yoga teacher (Satya, 2007), a graduate of the School for Body-Mind Centering (1999) and the William Esper Studio (Meisner acting) (2009), of which the play between is essential to her current practices. K.J. teaches at NYU/Experimental Theatre Wing, Eugene Lang/New School for Social Research and Movement Research in NYC, as well as traveling nationally and internationally conducting workshops and performing.

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*photo by Ryutaro Mishima