Performers of Baron Samedi: Dorothee Munyaneza Apr 30, 2014

by Erin

Dorothee Munyaneza initially gained worldwide exposure following her film music debut on the soundtrack of the Oscar-nominated 2004 feature film "Hotel Rwanda". Her subsequent collaboration with Afro Celt Sound System as a guest singer on their 2005 Real World Records release, "Volume 5 - Anatomic" was greeted with critical acclaim, her impassioned singing making her instantly popular among the devotees of the band worldwide. This solo project, developed over several years with Grammy-nominated Afro Celt Sound System member and producer Martin Russell, marks her full emergence into the world music arena.

Dorothee, who was 12 at the time of the Rwandan genocide in 1994, is now married and lives in Marseilles with her husband and baby. She has recently starred in a touring production of director Francois Verret's Kafka-esque performance-drama "Ice", and has become a core part of the "La Compagnie FV". Prior to this she has performed extensively throughout Europe with The Jonas Foundation as a singer, dancer, percussionist and actress, has sung and acted in Francois Verret's previous production, "Sans Retour", has taken part in fundraising events for "Terre des Hommes", performed as a soloist at a concert for "Chain of Hope" at the Royal Overseas League, at the 2006 Geneva Movement for Peace convention, and at the 2006 Inauguration of the Commission for Human Rights at the Geneva UN Palace.

Dorothee's passion is social integration through music and the arts - her goal is eventually to be able to start a school for art, dance and music in Rwanda, helping children and young people to grow up with an enduring love of music and each other.

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