PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Who Hasn't Had Nights Like That? Nov 20, 2015

by Richard Lefebvre

Who hasn't had nights like that? Where you go all the way down the rabbit hole, googling connections between war criminals running guns and 7-11 Redbox machines. I recently had no connectivity in Burien while I was briefly between homes, and I discovered Redbox: last chance for entertainment before Albertson's closes. Redbox videos targeted to those bereft of even the barest of services, messages to whole groups of society who had flipped their lid, blew their cool, staying along Meyer's Way watching tiny TVs with batteries in tents. Plus it's not just me, there is evidence to support some of these theories, Facebook posts, targeted marketing, no-fly lists... You could take benzos to go to sleep, but they make you too dozey, you are wasting the time when you work everything out while you could have been sleeping. A think tank, when you are sharp.

I've never been a morning person really. I asked Bucci what all of it meant but he was no help, he appeared to be swearing at someone who wasn't there.