Performance Review: NOWNOWNOW Mar 31, 2016

by Ben Rapson

I do Facebook for a living. Day in, day out, I am almost always plugged into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. To say I’m a nerd for the sociology and psychology of social media would be an understatement. So I found NOWNOWNOW to be a fascinating piece of introspection and commentary. In fact, now that I mention it, introspection and commentary are not only the two narrative devices that Sarah Rudinoff uses in her piece. They’re also the two primary themes she uses to playfully skewer our culture’s use of social media.

She vacillates to hilarious effect between criticism of herself and criticism of the general masses who are so hooked on Facebook. She’s got a lot to say about self-consciousness, self-image, procrastination, instant gratification, and judging others. And for every bone she seems to pick with society at large, she takes herself to task in the same way. Her desperation in finding the right music, the right podcast, the right pseudo spiritual meditation for every single moment, it endears her to us while shining a spotlight on the frailty of modern human beings. We all want to be perfect, but we know we can’t, so instead we strive to seem perfect to others.

This show is hilarious, unpredictable, and highly satisfying. Even if you’re not as obsessed with social media as I am. Go see it!

Ben M.F. Rapson is a Seattle - based music video director and independent social media manager, with local production company Breathing Media. He has worked on Facebook, Twitter, and more for local businesses like Tulalip Resort Casino, Capitol Cider, The Triple Door, and more. In his music videos, he is dedicated to using evocative music to tell heart¬pounding stories that connect powerfully with the viewer. See his music videos at