PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Past Midnight Nov 20, 2015

by Petra Zanki

With its unsettling silence that permeates every sound, every word and gesture, biograph, last year was pretty//sh*tty is a wonderful work of art. 
There are words, fragments, wisps and are many: they come and they go. There are gestures, and started, startled, interrupted reverberations, never quite those that were then, back then, and not even those that might have been or maybe, just a little, just there then, it was like that, or maybe just a little like this. Now this, it’s just like then. That touch, or a word, just like that. And then that silence that sits and sits on everything, like the dust that sits on furniture, silently, permanently, unemotionally, it does not ask, it is not even a question
It goes like this:
A man in a light peach shirt. A video first, and then Or was it 
a memory of someone or something so dear, down, down, past chest, past lungs, in the quietest hour, a memory, a way low down, so down the heart with the mind tracing paths for it over and over again, not wanting to loose any single moment of it, cause it’s loosing it dammit to anyone that, when no one can hear, cannot but live that way, this work is a must.

Let me in, he said, let me in. That’s what he said. He said that