Part 2: Hedreen Gallery - FACE TIME with the 2011 NW New Works Festival May 25, 2011

by Jessica

Following up on last weekend's showing of Mainstage artists in the NW New Works Festival, OtB and The Hedreen Gallery at the Lee Center for the Arts will partner together again to give a little more access to some of the artists working in the Studio Theater as part of this year's NW New Works Festival.

Join us this Saturday, May 28, from 5:30-7:30pm and catch the following:

Christin Call / Coriolis Dance Collective | 5:30 – 6pm
try to hover (or Private Practice 7)
June 10 @ 8pm | June 11 - 12 @ 5pm

Christin Call will show a solo from the new work and talk about the kernel behind this particular solo in relation to the piece. She will also draw upon the initial creative impulse that first ignited the long journey of Private Practice and the elements that are the driving factors behind this piece and what iterations have been developed thus far along the way.

Slices of narrative within a dreamlike landscape tell the story of what it is like to cope with both mental and physical illness and then explores what stresses are placed on the relationships of those made to fit inside prescribed roles of "patient" and "caretaker."  Choreographer Christin Call abstracts the hands-on techniques used by nurse practitioners, combining it with her own compendium of dynamic movement vocabulary and a soundscape and art objects by Ryan Soper. Coriolis Dance Collective is a Seattle based dance company founded in 2008 by fellow dancers and friends Natascha Greenwalt-Murphy and Christin Call. The vision of Coriolis is to create new, highly collaborative works with artists of all disciplines.

Kyle Loven | 6:00 – 6:30pm
When You Point at the Moon                                           
June 10 @ 8pm | June 11 - 12 @ 5pm
Kyle Loven will speak on the deciding factors and/or creative attributes that helped with the creation and type of puppet that would be used for this production. He will also talk about how this work is different from previous works that he has developed for the past two years.

An Eastern moon myth warns children: “Never point at the moon or your ears will be cut off!” Inspired by this warning, When You Point at the Moon follows a young boy, the moon, and the fateful gesture that brings them together. Told in the spirit of a surreal cautionary tale for adults, this image-driven work combines puppets, projections, recorded sound, and a live actor to explore what happens when we encounter the inevitable. Kyle Loven is a Seattle-based artist who has received numerous accolades, including a Jim Henson Foundation award and a recent Stranger “Genius” shortlisting.

Quark Contemporary Dance Theatre | 6:30 – 7:00pm
June 10 @ 8pm | June 11 - 12 @ 5pm

Quark’s Artistic Director, David Lorence Schleiffers will run a rehearsal talking about what the company strives to accomplish within their rehearsals and what they look for within the rehearsal processes as it pertains to the current work in comparison to other pieces they have done in the past. 

In a new artistic venture for Quark, theater and movement are combined to create a work that relives each character's dark past. While each section begins as a menial household task, the performer’s actions escalade into a pouring out of emotion as more of each character’s true selves are revealed.  Through this abstract journey, Toast explores the theme of judgment and how we hinder ourselves by excluding those around us. Quark Contemporary Dance Theatre is a Seattle-based modern dance company driven to create works of dance that captivate, connect emotion and intrigue through a unique and unusual choreographic structure. Led by David Lorence Schleiffers, their work has been featured in The A.W.A.R.D. Show! 2011 and Chop Shop: Bodies of Work.

Alice Gosti | 7:00 – 7:30pm
Spaghetti CO - Are you still hungry?
June 10 @ 8pm | June 11 - 12 @ 5pm
Alice Gosti will show a clip of the previous work done at NW Film Forum. She then will talk a bit about the previous version and what differences exist in these two chapters. Finally, Alice looking at aspects of development that became compelling attributes in how the work would progress and transform into the work that will be shown at the Festival.

Three performers are sitting around a dinner table, in front of them a huge bowl of tomato sauce spaghetti. While the feast unwinds and the dance begins, the audience becomes witness to a common ritual that is broken down into signified and signifier. This project seeks to investigate the relationship that individuals and families have with food, and the memories that are attached to certain tastes and smells; for example the capability that food has the ability to make one feel at home or very far from home. While a plate of spaghetti is followed by another plate of spaghetti, the performers will dive into memories and stories, fall away from the table with a series of solos and duets. Spaghetti CO. – Are you still hungry? is the second chapter of the Spaghetti CO. series. The first chapter, under the subtitle Something just happened at 1:19 pm, was an hour long piece that was performed in December 2010, and commissioned by the Northwest Film Forum as a part of their Live at the Film Forum series