Pappa Tarahumara: blog finito by Jessica Jobaris Feb 1, 2007

by Sara E

Vaudeville dolls, unsexy mime, cartoons and hypnotic flash-dance, with fart effects. What more could an audience ask for? Maybe less digression, although i debate and doubt myself, thinking maybe digression was the point. This futile topic about how modern woman can integrate in society sans sex or in full acceptance of her sex is just a round table discussion that moves in that order.. repeatedly around and around. The Buffoonery, cartoon soundtrack and overused placating innocence were the re-occurring cliche themes I saw, and maybe I'm not diggin' enough. Gorgeous technique and interesting choreography couldn't hide the lack of content. The energy maintained at a high 10 dipping occasionally down to 8, not enough variety really to send me emotionally anywhere else. Sure, I was entertained laughing like at a circus, even feeling guilty, because I knew it wasn't that funny after while. Within a certain sense of insanity, instability and provocation (flexing muscles at the audience), I became disappointed thinking "okay, so now what?" What transformation can take place? For crying out loud use more than the costume change to illustrate this subtext of the female sexuality finding its inevitable way to surface...get naked! Move in slow motion! Make me think you want something more, than the same ol' rigamarole! But alas, when the lights dim on the grotesquely distorted face of an otherwise lovely woman, I was reminded of the same continual distorted territory we've created in separating and dissecting the female sex and thought, "Japanese, Chinese, European, African, or American.... Just let the mystery be what it fuckin is...let the modern cunt take you over! And put the shame bunny back in the basement." -- Jessica Jobaris Choreographer/Performer/Instructor Seattle, WA, USA