Our Carnal Hearts: Local Choirs Needed! Aug 21, 2018

Rachel Mars: Our Carnal Hearts


We're looking for two local choirs to be a part of Sing It! Spirit of Envy! a supplemental program for Our Carnal Hearts by Rachel Mars (Sep 13-16)

Choir will need to be available for a 3 hour rehearsal the same day as the short performance. 


Wed, Sep 12, 2018    
Rehearsal: 4:00pm
Performance: 7:00pm

Sun, Sep 16, 2018     
Rehearsal: 11:00 am
Performance: 2:00 pm


We will create a 'pop up choir' experience. 

In the weeks leading up to the performance, participants will be asked to send in a few things they have envied to Rachel Mars (creator) and Louise Mothersole (composer). Answers will be worked into the choral piece to create a new short lyric work.

The piece is then rehearsed and performed with Rachel and Louise in a public space.

No experience is required, as we will learn by ear (i.e. no sight reading).

Interested? Please contact Clare Hatlo, Associate Producer, at

Photo: Claire Haigh