OtB receives $500,000 capital grant from the Kresge Foundation Oct 14, 2010

by Jessica

Did you hear from the Seattle Times that OtB has received a capital grant from the Kresge Foundation? [Scroll down for the OtB news]

It's true! We're thrilled to announce that OtB has received a $500,000 capital grant. The grant, in support of maintaining OtB’s building (the Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance), is especially meaningful to OtB as the Kresge Foundation was instrumental in helping OtB purchase its facility in 1996. OtB received this grant in part because of the strong track record of maintaining the building since that purchase.

On the Boards’ Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance was originally built in 1912. Since then it has always remained a public space and has housed everything from a dance hall to union offices to badminton. More information on the history of the Behnke Center, formerly known as Queen Anne Hall/Redding Hall, can be found on

The Kresge Foundation is a national foundation based out of Michigan. Established in 1924, the institution focuses on supporting non-profit organizations’ longterm sustainability. In their Arts & Culture funding, Kresge places emphasis specifically on institutional capitalization to enable organizations to fully realize their missions by ensuring it has all the resources it needs and that effective practices are in place. For more information on Kresge’s innovative approach to arts funding, please visit