OtB Dispatch aka The Bog (for Annie) Sep 15, 2006

by Lane

I don’t like the name OtB Dispatch much but it’s our feeble attempt at a staff blog, which is really just a cover-up strategy for the fact that I was terrible about updating my own blog. At a minimum, we’re promising weekly posts by our staff and we hope readers will check back often to make sure we’re staying on top of it. Anyway, we’re psyched about the utility of our new website. Not only do we have more control over our blogs but there are also more interactive features that make the blogging experience so much better. We also have a lot more potential with the streaming audio and video which means you can get a glimpse of upcoming shows and listen to interviews with artists on our season. We’re still in beta-mode with the site so please let us know if you see any glaring errors or room for improvement.