OtB Board Member Jen Forland on being an extra in L'Effet de Serge Apr 15, 2011

by Tania Kupczak

I'm a lucky girl. I'm not an actress (though like most people, I have fantasies of being "discovered") and I haven't been behind the scenes on a theatrical production in years either. But I guess the powers-that-be thought I'd have the skills to eat pizza, drink wine and chat with beautiful french artists on stage. Um, sure, why not?

And now, I can't believe my good fortune. Our parts are larger than I originally expected and I am in love with the experience. The artists are amazing and I can't believe I get to help them share their vision. The director definitely has some specific requirements about our performance, but also seems to want an authenic reaction from us as well.

It is amazing to sit backstage and hear the audience laughing...because now I feel the same way about the company that the audience feels about Serge. I want people to like them. I want their performance to be a success. And at the end of the day, I want them to be happy.