NWNW by Zoe, Part 1 Jun 13, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

First, I must say that the entire NWNW experience is a rather amazing opportunity for artists in the NW. The fact that OtB offers 18 artists 20 min., a free theater, tech and publicity and a ready made audience is so great and kind of unreal. I just have to recognize the amazing opportunity that NWNW's presents to all of us. Okay- this was the first time that I saw both shows on the same night. Maybe I have a bit of ADD or really can't sit for three hours through any kind of theater experience, but I was having a hard time paying attention towards the end of the night. It's a good thing that the Implied Violence show was such a visual smorgasboard. Studio Theater: I really liked Joe Von Appen's monologue. He has a well-tuned sense of timing that pulls the audience along in a conversational way. Joe's writing is specific and personal, but the themes are part of everyone's experience. I have wince inducing memories of leaving rambling, ridiculous voicemail's on ex-boyfriends phones that I would have done anything to erase. It was funny and slightly painful to be reminded of that. I am excited to see that Sean Ryan directed the show and I look forward to their future work. Given the devastatingly beautiful work Sean and Allen Johnson have made, I can only imagine and excitedly look forward to his and Joe's future. Joe seems a little nervous or unsure of the affect of his lines and actions with them, the repeated gestures start to feel mechanical and unnatural. I want to see more instinctual movements that more realistically reflect his natural writing and delivery. I trust that will come- and hope to see him again very soon. - Zoe Scofield