NWNW Week 1 In Review by Dani Tirrell Jun 13, 2016

by Dani Tirrell

As I reflect the opening weekend of NWNW Festival, there are three performances that struck a cord with me. And got me excited about PNW arts again. The first being Vanessa Goodman.

Vanessa Goodman: She is what others try to be when it comes to contemporary dance and performance.  Musicality,  physicality, spiritual, control, articulation, loss of control and joy.  She could have easily been lost on the Mainstage , but she easily  made the stage her willing and small partner. 

The other being AU Collective: They are unapologetic in their delivery and aesthetic. From the music to the movement to the wat they entered the stage, the piece was about their stories. I was happy to see them use music that was current and movent that was mixed with contemporary and street/social dances.  The collective seem to be more connected to each other and the ideas and concept were more clear and solid. 

Ilvs Strauss: unapologetic,  funny, witty, smart, simple, complicated, transformitive, passionate and easy. Her dancers pulled off hernwork with grace and ease. What i like about her work is the light heartedness to itnyet the very deep thoughtful message.

Sleep Nod: Pretty, beautiful floor work, dancers had fun, lofed the energy with the dancers and singers,  clam and peaceful. 

Pariss When is Sizzles: Great video work, vocals hard to hear at times. We go4 to eat food...yessssssssss.  

Allie Hankins and Rachel Dichter: Captive, draws you in with their gaze. Control, confident, uneasy. Feminists work.

Britt Karhoff: Strong voice, beautiful tone and quality. Her movement was joyful and easy. 

Mallery Avidan/Jeff Aaron Bryant: Saturday night live meets 2016 meets we love the 80's jams. Fun, nostalgic,  serious, teen angst and over all party.