NW New Works Studio Show #2 Jun 14, 2014

by Eric Pitsenbarger

The Helena Theater Co. (from Montana!), holds a behind the scenes debate as NEA board members, squabbling over the qualities and fundability of select arts projects. Casting the conservative leaning decenter as villain, the other lefty eccentrics present their obviously absurd choices, only to be summarily rejected (as if any past meetings never taught them anything about what passes muster). It would have been cool to see actual brief presentations of said projects, so as to be more completely involved in the onslaught. Don’t you want to see dancers enacting the rites of Spring against the projected backdrop of insects mating? It could be next years’ 15 Minutes Max.

Wayne Bund is a sweet, silly, hairy dude who does "Lazy Drag" aka Genderfuck. Glaming up a barrel bellied bear with glitter and serious hair-ography is my kind of circus trump card. Beauty is indeed an ephemeral nonsense! 

Erin Pike prances onstage like a wild red headed doe in heat. Through barbie pink gauze drapery, with increasingly shrill and contentious language she introduces us to the various, splintered manifestations of a woman torn between societal cliche and her own contradictions. Like an OCD smorgasbord of smut. 

Amy O nails the heavy beats with precision as she glides across a sublimely simple special effect of lighting and mylar. Urban fantasyland.