NW New Works MainStage Weekend #2 Jun 15, 2014

by Eric Pitsenbarger

There’s something so satisfying, so fundamentally fulfilling watching (and listening!), to David Schmader as he sets up the hallowed arena of OTB’s stage for a game/set/match of a tortuous, surgically precise rib tickling. With his own dapper clown self being the main target, he lobs a great volley of clever essay eviscerating the Grand Arts Tradition. The inevitable metamorphosis into his day-glo doppelgänger of a nasty/sweet surprise will make you piss yourself. I hero worship.


Coleman Pester / Tectonic Marrow Society has built an architectural landscape of shifting light and shadow. A cubist refraction of weight, design and precision. Watching the three perfect dancers felt to me like being enfolded in the flow and fold of a bustling city’s action and reaction. Made me homesick for NY.


YOU…are AMAZING! And in case you had any doubts to the contrary, HAND2MOUTH will convince you otherwise with this seriously, fucking fantastic and unrelenting Pep Talk. Bobby socks and bullhorns, projected frantic media feed, a blaring, garish diorama of fist pumping, whistle blowing, synchronized positivity that will shake the cobwebs from that stagnant Seattle glower. When they called my name, I took it as a sign: A sign to stop being such a scaredicat and just DO IT! 


Here it is Father’s Day and Molly Sides has created a moving, elegant tribute in I Once Was My Father. Recently passed and yet still swimming in the stardust, his essence permeates the air and guides her supple creative mind. And we are all stardust, yes? The indescribable enormity of this acknowledgment…just take a moment, reinforces how magisterial and humbling this great life is. There are words and there aren’t enough words to describe this beautiful, illuminating act of love.