NW New Works Audio Interviews May 25, 2010

by Tania Kupczak

We're getting close to kicking off yet another amazing NW New Works Festival. Our artists have been hard at work choreographing, costuming, composing, and crafting their pieces for this year's showcases. They took some time out to interview one another about their creative processes. Click on each pair of artists to hear them talking to each other about the work that's being made! [mp3s]

AmyO/tiny rage + Lily Verlaine
The Cherdonna & Lou Show + The Offshore Project
Danny Herter & the Invasive Species + Erin Leddy
Lingo Dance Theater + Paul Budraitis
Josephine's Echopraxia + Mike Pham
Mark Haim + Charles Smith
The Mint Collective + Corrie Befort
Laara Garcia/Pseudopod Interactive + The Satori Group

Don't miss any of these great performance. $14 for 1 showcase | $20 for 2 showcases $24 for 3 showcases | $30 for all 4 showcases Call or come by the box office to purchase tickets to multiple showcases.